X. Silves-Mértola, 2012

Xème Congrès International de l’AIECM2, Silves-Mértola, 2012

Référence des Actes :
Actas do X Congresso Internacional a Cerâmica Medieval no Mediterrâneo. Silves-Mértola, 22 a 27 de Outubro de 2012/Proceedings of 10th International Congress on Medieval Pottery in the Mediterranean. Maria José GONÇALVES & Susana GÓMEZ MARTÍNEZ eds., Silves & Mértola, 22-27 october 2012. Silves: Edição Câmara Municipal de Silves/Campo Arqueológico de Mértola, 2015. ISBN 978-9375-48-4. 2 vols. 937 p.

Actes disponibles : Câmara Municipal de Silves, maria.goncalves@cm-silves.pt

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1, 2 et 3

Indice Tome 2

4, 5, 6 et 7

The Mediterranean and the Atlantic

The aim is to promote an analysis of the relationship between the pottery of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic area, and will include both studies on the contacts that existed between the Mediterranean and Northern Europe, as well as studies on Mediterranean influences on America in the post Medieval period.

The Development and transfer of techniques

This session will be devoted to papers focused exclusively on technological aspects of different ceramic productions, both the mechanisms of transmission and the organization of systems of production, spatial analysis of the workshops and typologies of the kilns.

Pottery and Commerce

This theme will bring together papers that deal with pottery distribution networks and systems, their economic repercussions and their socio-cultural consequences seen from a diachronic perspective.

Pottery within its context

This theme aims to analyse the relationship between pottery and its physical and social contexts of consumption and use, thus seeing the development of these factors throughout time with the intent of defining economic capacities and social identities.

Pottery and Food

With this theme we intend to benefit the study of ceramic objects as related to their use in the preparation, storage and consumption of food, paying special attention to the acquisition of pottery manufacture techniques linked to their culinary uses and to the need to preserve food.

New discoveries

This theme brings together contributions of recent ceramic discoveries, favouring those whose results are especially significant from the point of view of typology or chronology or connected with regions which still have not been studied widely.